Castlemtn's Keizer for the Barking Bunch
(import USA, Dutch Veteran Champion 2017, NVK 2017)

Born: January 5th, 2009
DOD: February 6th, 2019

HD en ED free
DNA tests: DM Clear (Exon 1 and Exon2 N/N), VwD Clear


Kennel "The Barking Bunch" is very pleased to announce a new member coming from the USA! Keizer is from the famous Castlemtn's kennel. We have met Chris and Vance Knuth already in 2000 at the Specialty in Wisconsin (USA) and have been in contact ever since. The Castlemtn kennel cooperates close together with the Swiss Star's kennel of Bobbie Hefner. Most will know that we have had great dogs from these lines as well! We are very happy and think that Keizer is a real asset for our kennel! Thank you Chris and Vance who made it possible to have this great dog around us.

Keizer 20 months of age

On this video he is 8 years young:


General information on Keizer

Keizer is a dog not bred BY the Barking Bunch but bred FOR the Barking Bunch. There are a few names already familiar with the Dutch breeders: the mother of Keizer (Rosie) is a full sister of our female "Swiss Stars American Girl Krizzy"
Have a look and compare these two magnificent girls:

"Castlemtn's Maid in America" (named Rosie)

"Swiss Stars American Girl Krizzy"


And how do they resemble their father and mother (both specialty winners!)

Keizer's father  is CH "Stonehill's Jack Dudley". Dudley, a beautiful champion, was selected as father of Keizer because of his bone and his great coat. Hij has a great and also long coat and we see that back in Keizer's coat! Above that is Dudley a great stud for improvement on longevity, orthopedics and movement: what do you want more .....Kerry Waltersdorf, the owner of Dudley, reaches great results in longevity in her lines and we hope to have these genes in Keizer of course.

Watch the video of Keizer as a veteran in the showring at the international dogshow Bleiswijk (2017)


Keizer's family

Have a look at Keizer's litter (5 weeks of age at the picture, 4 males and 5 females)

 Keizer (above left) and his 3 brothers and beneath his 5 sisters

These are his 5 sisters

Here above: Keizer is still in America with Chris and Vance Knuth

Our friend  Rob Scheffers (photo above) brought Keizer from the states on the flight, Linda van de Braak brought him from Schiphol airport by train


here we met at first: at the railway station in Best



Here is Keizer 14 months young

 Keizer 22 months

Keizer is a calm Berner Sennen! He is sweet and lays just down and watches what happens around him. But he loves to walk and play and to be cuddled. Keizer is a middle sized dog, with a nice sturdy head and he is a good mover. Above all is his great temperament: always loving and not afraid.  

And on this video is Keizer 6 years young (press the play button to watch!)
Have a look and see him jumping, walking, playing and running around;
a great guy with the best temperament ever!!!! ENJOY!



And in this video Keizer is almost 8 years young for his first dive in the swimming pool:



This is his sister Diamond living in California with Bobbie Hefner

Below Keizer and Jose on a beautiful sunny day






Have a look at this slideshow of the life of 


Here you find all documents:

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(pedigree, hips, elbow score, titles)

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Keizer is judged on temperament and exterior by the Dutch BMD club (VBSH)  according to the Swiss style BMD tests
Breed judgement

Degenerative Myelopathy

DM profile:
(Exon 2 en Exon 1)

Von Willebrand Disease: free

VWD profile: clear

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DM N/N result
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Castlemtn's Keizer for the Barking Bunch
(import USA, Dutch Veteran Champion 2017)

name: KEIZER
born: January 5th, 2009

HD - A
/ ED free 
DM free
(Exon1 and Exon2 N/N) / VWD free


1] CH Stonehill's Jack Dudley
 / ED excellent

DOB: August 28,  2005
DOD: Dec. 20, 2013

3] CH Bernbrae's Grand Finale [Galen]

HD /  ED excellent

DOB: June 2, 2001
DOD: Dec. 16, 2010


7] CH Stonehill's Black as Coal [Coal]

HD / ED excellent

DOB: November 8, 1997
DOD: Feb. 12, 2010

8]  Bernbrae's Alpen Luftchen [Ludy]

HD A, ED 0/0

DOB: Oct. 20, 1996
DOD: 2009

4] Ch Stonehill's Bright Cortez CD, RN [Cora]

TP CH Top Producer of Champions (BMDCA) 2009

HD en  ED excellent

DOB: April 4, 2002
DOD: Dec. 2, 2013

9] CH Nashems got it Made

CD Companion Dog 2004
VD Versatility Award 2004
TP CH Top Producer of Champions (BMDCA) 2004

HD en ED excellent
DOB: December 1,  1999
DOD: November 26, 2010

10] CH Stonehill's Opal Essence, CD [Opal]

TP CH Top Producer of Champions (BMDCA) 2002

DOB: Nov. 8, 1997
DOD: Aug. 2, 2011


2] Castlemtn's Maid in America

Excellent/ / ED good (I)


DOB: Nov. 1, 2005
DOD: March 5, 2016


5] CH Adesa I'm Stepping Out
Best in Show at the BMDCA National Specialty 2007
#1 Bernese male in USA 2003, 2004 and 2006
3 x All Breed Best in Show

HD - vrij
/ ED 0/0

DOB: Oct. 9 2000
DOD: May 2, 2013

11] USA & Can CH Sennenhof Xander


DOB: June 19,1997
DOD: May 7, 2007


USA & Can. CH Adesa Honky Tonk Woman
Multi BIS

HD vrij

DOB: July 14, 1998
DOD: May 31, 2005

6] CH Swiss Stars American Flag

HD - vrij / ED 0/0

DOB: Jan. 18, 2003
DOD: July 6, 2009

13] CH Foreign Flag from the Barking Bunch

DOB: Oct. 24, 2001
DOD: Dec. 2007

14] CH Swiss Stars you lite up my life  [Sparkle]


DOB: Dec. 16, 2000
DOD: Dec. 2009 (accident)

Information on above dates are of 1-2-2014

And some pics of Keizer's off spring

Rivella & Rolex Pollux (born late 2017)

Auseire Great Mate for Ridgewater - aka MAX!
D.O.B. 07/11/'12
F: Castlemtn's Keiser (US), elbows: clear, hips: clear
M: Ridgewater Belgian Queen, elbows: 0/0, hips: 0/0, D.M - clear

Max's achievements to date:
Irish Junior Champion 2014
Celtic Junior Winner 2014
Crufts Qualifier
Elbows: 0/0, Hips: 0/0, S.H.: A , D.M: clear




Wow, wow, wow !!!
Today we were the first time this year with Pepino at an exhibition (SSV Landesgruppenausstellung Kirchhain / Hessen, feb 2018). There, Pepino not only managed the first place of 11 registered males in the open class (Ex.1), but put a lot on it. Pepino became BOB and even BIS:

Öreghegyi-Mackó Pepino (Castlemtn´s Keizer For The Barking Bunch & Öreghegyi-Mackó Likopin Lutry)

A huge thanks to the judge Mrs. Bürgi, who made the BOB possible and to Mr. Gerhards for the BIS




Mother Rosie winner

RIP Keizer,  February 6, 2019



And a paw from