Jaja Jaap from the Barking Bunch
[Dutch Junior Champion 2013
& Junior Winner 2013]

call name: Jaap
born: 27 August 2012
DOD: May 14, 2021

HD en ED free
DNA tests: DM Clear (
Exon 2 en Exon 1), VwD Clear

18 months of age

His call name is Jaap and he is a beautiful, big and sturdy Bernese! Very easily he won his junior classes and also his junior Winner 2013 certificate (by winning the largest dog show in the Netherlands, the Amsterdam Winner show). That is why he is a junior Dutch CH which of course will be mentioned on the pedigrees of his off spring. A well deserved "being beautiful" price. And above that Jaap has a very attractive, calm temperament and he loves to play and to be cuddled as you can see on the photo's depicted below

His Junior CH certificate and below his Junior Winner 2013 title

But let us first take a look at his parents.
General information on the  MOTHER of Jaap:
Theresa Toos from the Barking Bunch
(call name: Juul)

Juul is a beautiful, intelligent and lovely BMD. We are really happy with Juul as the mother of our Jaap!

De mother of Jaap is Juul ("Theresa Toos from the Barking Bunch") on the picture with her biggest fan MEES

Juul is a through, bred by, Barking Bunch dog. Her mother's name is "Tooske" (she lives with Leo en Ingrid) and  Tooske's official name is "Zomer Zusje from the Barking Bunch". Mother and daughter are look-a-likes. Take a look yourself:

"Zomer Zusje from the Barking Bunch" (links with Leo) en "Theresa Toos from the Barking Bunch" (at the right with Josť)

above grandmother of Jaap: "Zomer Zusje from the Barking Bunch"

"Zomer Zusje from the Barking Bunch" (left) en "Theresa Toos from the Barking Bunch" (right)
(and Leo in the middle :-)

Again both but now you can see Juul in profile (left)

Juul's father, and so the grandfather of Jaap, is our very well know male Joep "Joviale Joep from the Barking Bunch". Joep has given sweet and healthy off spring. He himself died at an age of 10 years. A nice result  and we are happy with Joep in the blood lines of Jaap!


Grandfather of Jaap: "Joviale Joep from the Barking Bunch"

Okay, let's first look at a few pictures of Jaap before moving on to his father (Joe):


What a great couple: Lenna and Jaap

General information on the FATHER of Jaap: :
Ridgewater King Creole
(call name JOE)

Joe is an imported BMD and so very valuable for the breed in the Netherlands and especially for the Dutch BMD population. His parents and in fact almost all his ancestors are from the well known and successful BMD kennel Van 't Stokerybos in Belgium. Joe's mother's name is Emka van 't Stokerybos (HD and ED 0/0) and his father is named Fernandel van 't Stokerybos (HD and ED 0/0).

father: "Ridgewater King Creole", call name Joe
Dutch Junior CH 2010, import Ireland


Father and Mother of Joe: "Emka en Fernandel van 't Stokerybos"

And this is the father of Joe (Fernandel) with his owner Joe O'Callaghan in Ireland and Josť:

Click for more information and pictures: website of JOE

  TAKE A LOOK at the slideshow of Jaap with many pictures of him maturing from puppy to an age of 20 months.

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Have a look to Jaap's brothers and sisters and how grew up at the Barking Bunch

Jaap and his 3 brothers and two sisters

Jaap: 5 weeks of age


And here Jaap some what older

What a beautiful, naughty expression Jaap!

Jaap at his litter reunion, 14 months


Download HERE  his
with pictures, pedigree, hips and elbow score and show descriptions of the judges:

Click on the logo for Jaap's
DNA profile

Von Willebrand Disease

VWD profile clear

Jaap is approved for breeding by the German Berner Sennen Club in DRC. Read the
Degenerative Myelopathy: clear

DM profile N/N
Exon 2 en Exon 1)

Click on the logo for the official

VWD  result

Click on the logo for the official result of  Jaap

Click on the logo for the official DM N/N result of Jaap

SOD1A (exon 2):

click HERE for
SOD1B (exon 1)

As all our dogs also Jaap is checked on his hips (HD check) and elbows (ED check). Jaap is excellent on hips (HD-A) and on his elbows (ED 0/0), so perfect! All his ancestors are free on hips (HD) and elbows (ED) as you can see on his pedigree below. A nice result! This all means that Jaap's off spring has a relative bigger chance on maturing in a healthy way, without problems on hips or elbows. Jaap is also DNA marked for DM and the good news is: he DM free (N/N); This means that no off spring of him will be as they say "in risk" ever for DM!


I want to cuddle.....

Jaap and his big friend Lenna



Jaja Jaap from the Barking Bunch
[Dutch Junior Champion 2013
& Junior Winner 2013]

cal name: Jaap
Born: 27 August 2012

HD - A / ED free 
DM free
(Exon 2 en Exon 1)  / VWD free


1] Ridgewater King Creole

cal name: Joe

Dutch Junior CH 2010, import Ireland

HD A,  ED 0/1

DOB: 24 July 2009
DOD: 11 January 2016

3] Fernandel van ’t Stokerybos

HD - free
/ ED free

DOB: 15 December 2006
DOD: 2 October 2014


7] International and Belgium CH

Camiel van ’t Stokerybos

HD A,  ED 0/0, OCD free

DOB: 4 Sept. 2003
DOD: 2011

8] Erica van 't Stokerybos

HD B - ED 0/0

DOB: 5 April 2005

4] Emka van ’t Stokerybos

HD -
free / ED free

DOD: 1 April 2005




9] Multi CH  Zorbha van ’t Stokerybos

HD B ED 0/0
World. Int. Neth. Be. Fr. Lux. CH

DOB: 19 October 2000
DOD: September 2009

10] Bellefleur van ’t Stokerybos

HD -
free / ED free


2] Theresa Toos from the Barking Bunch

HD - A
/ ED 0/0

DOB: 1 Sept. 2009
: 16 October 2021

5] Joviale Joep from the Barking Bunch
HD - Tc
/ ED free

DOB: 12 September 2001
DOD: 5 March 2011

11] Brainy Bas from the Barking Bunch


DOB: 18 October 1993
DOD: October 2004



12] Happy Hannah from the Barking Bunch

HD Tc,  ED 0/0

DOB: 19 February 1999
DOD:  March 2009

6] Zomer zusje from the Barking Bunch

HD - free
/ ED free

DOB.: 27 April 2007
DOD: 11 December  2017


13] Wolf

HD -
free / ED 0/0

DOB.: 18 March 2004
DOD.: 19 May  2014

14] Bianca v. d'n Stenaove

HD - free / ED 0/0

DOB: 10 February  2003
DOD: 15 October  2010

Information on above dates are of 09-12-2015

This is his sister JJ (Jolige Julia from the Barking Bunch)  living in Canada with Ger and Cora van de Kar


Jaap again  :-)

And to finish this page: a paw of  JAAP

"Jaja Jaap from the Barking Bunch"